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                               Welcome to CyberdyneRP
1. General Rules

  • Do not RDM (Random DeathMatch) i.e. randomly killing someone with little/no reasoning.
  • Do not use props to hurt or kill others, or otherwise RDM.
  • Do not cheat, hack, or script. This includes, but is not limited to, bhop scripts, wallhacks, ghosting, etc.
  • No impersonation of staff members/others.
  • All sprays containing NSFW or other derogatory content are not allowed. Decisions based on this are up to staff interpretation.
  • Admins, while they must follow server rules, have final say on decisions. 
  • Staff members must wear tags in their names at all times unless undercover for a specific reason.
  • No advertising is permitted on the servers.
  • No micspam. This includes singing, soundboards, music, voicechangers, poor mic quality, etc. 
  • Be respectful to others. Toxicity is not tolerated.
  • Don't mic spam or prop spam. 
  • Do not lie to anyone, and especially to staff members.
  • Do not make racist, offensive or sexual comments on the server. You might be directly banned without any warning.
  • Hacking, cheating and trying to crash the server will result in a permanent ban.
  • Do not be disrespectful to any player on the server. You will be warned only once. Repeating the disrespect will result in a jail then a kick or a ban.
  • You might get kicked if you stay AFK for a very long time, especially when the server is almost full.
  • Do not break NLR(New Life Rule) When you die you must wait 3 minutes until you can return to the area/interact with the player.
  • Do not annoy players around you. Contact a staff member if you have any concerns.
  • No prop climbing/surfing or pushing.

2. General Role Play Rules. ​

  • Constructions and Props-
  • Using props to kill people or block ways and paths is not allowed.
  • Prop killing is considered worse than killing or arresting other players. for no reason.
  • Props are only supposed to be used for building within the area that you own.
  • You can build on your building's pavement if you buy all the building's doors. However, you are not allowed to build on the street. If you want to build a dupe then build it in the parking lot!
  • You can build a base in the sewer, but you are only allowed to build the area after the owned door. All the area outside the owned door is considered public. ​
  • Selfsupply is allowed if there are no other gun dealers online. If you self supply when there are gun dealers that can get you warned/banned depending on your past.
  • If you want to duel someone you must both advert it!

3. Killing and Arresting

  •  You are not allowed to randomly kill or arrest any player.
  • You must have a valid reason to kill or arrest someone.
  • You are allowed to kill any player that decreased your health in any form.
  • You must make sure of the right person who harmed you.
  • You are responsible for mistaking the player who harmed you with an innocent player.
  • You have to apologies and refund losses to that player.
  • You are allowed to arrest wanted players and players in the police department instantly, except those who stay in the lobby area.

4. Building Rules

  • Every base has a max fading door amount of 4. Altough shooting windows do not count for the doors.
  • Making crouch bases are not allowed as in they are unfair against the raider.
  • Making bases that are unfair to the raider. For example: Crouch bases, One way shoot ways etc.
  • Do not make giant bases. For example bases that use 2 or more bases.
  • Do not advertise your base in ooc/advert. For example: "Raid us we have lots of printers"
  • Clan bases are allowed but just like mentioned above, no giant bases more that use more than 2 houses.

5. Raiding/Mugging etc. Rules

  • When raiding or mugging the action must be adverted with /advert.
  • When completing a raid you need to wait for 10 minutes until you can raid again. Same goes for mugging.
  • Do not make large advert chains. Example: /advert mug, raid, pd raid, bank raid, leave me alone 1/2/3, stop following me 1/2/3.
  • When you complete a raid you cannot raid that person for 20 minutes.
  • Raiding can be done in groups of 1-3. No more people can raid at the same time as in its unfair for the defender. (Unless a clan is raiding a clan)
  • Raiding with a building sign up is NOT allowed!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your stay!